Laser Scar Treatment


Dr. Vanishree S.V is a Reliable and one of the Best Laser scar treatment Specialist in Ravet, Nigdi, Akurdi, Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune. We provide Laser scar treatment at best cost in Nigdi, Akurdi, Pimpri
Chinchwad, Pune.


doesn't heal in the normal way, and goes through a secondary healing pattern, will leave a scar.
Scar can be of flat, thickened as in Keloid or hypertrophied scar, or pigmented scar.
Skinarina has the most latest laser with advanced technology 'FRAXIS DUO" as the name suggests with dual technology(fractional CO2 and MnRF) to treat different types of scars.


Keloids are thickened scars which contain bundles of collagen fibres within them and new tiny blood vessels which help them grow in size with time.
At Skinarina we combine laser and medications / injections in multiple sittings to combat the growing keloid and at the same time thnning out the keloid to make it completely flat.Hi